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Do you remember the first time you got a new car? My first vehicle was a hand-me-down from my parents, and although it wasn't the nicest car, it was all I needed to get out on the town and enjoy a night out with my friends. Over time, I became quite the car enthusiast, and I learned how to make things right one problem at a time. It was incredible to see how much of a difference my efforts made, and within no time, I really felt like I had a handle on my vehicle. This blog is all about automotive care. Check it out!


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Get A Better Deal Than Expected On Your Next New Car

If your old junker is really starting to rattle as it moves down the road, perhaps it's time to finally put it out of its misery by starting to look at new cars for sale. That said, one of the reasons you may have held onto your current vehicle past its expiration date is because you don't like the idea of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. While no one likes draining their bank account, it is possible to get a pretty good deal on a new car these days as long as you do some homework before you head off to the local auto dealer. Here are some tips to keep in mind before buying your next new car.

Go Armed with Financing

Plenty of auto dealers offer financing directly to their customers and it's fine to go with this option. But they will still be happy to sell you a car if you arrive armed with an already pre-approved auto loan. It is actually music to most car salesmen's ears to hear that you are already approved when you arrive on the lot. In fact, knowing that may allow them to sweeten the deal a bit because they won't want you taking your pre-approved money to the next dealer across the street. Tell the dealer you are pre-approved but don't say exactly how much you were approved for and the negotiation can begin from a position of strength.

Research Your Own Trade-In in Advance and Lead with an Offer

You can easily look up your current vehicle's trade in value before arriving at the lot. If you do indeed have a junker as was described earlier you likely won't get much, but if your current vehicle is still in great shape, use this to your advantage. Go in armed with the knowledge of knowing how much your car is worth and you might even considering leading with a high offer for the trade-in yourself before the dealer says anything about it. This will let them know they have a customer who has done their research.

Buy New But the Previous Year's Model

"New" doesn't have to mean current year. Arrive at the car lot towards the tail end of summer when the model year transition begins. Dealers may be more willing to cut a deal on the current or previous year's model if they still have a brand new one that they never sold. They need to get it off the lot to make room for the coming year's update and will be more willing to go low.

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