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Should You Order a Custom Driveshaft for Your Car?

The driveshaft is responsible for transferring power from your engine to the axles of your car. Without the driveshaft, your car would not have the power needed to move the wheels. If you have a sports car, you should consider upgrading to a custom driveshaft. Before deciding whether or not to, here is what you need to know.  

Why Is a Custom Driveshaft the Better Option?

One of the benefits of owning a sports car is its acceleration abilities. However, a factory installed driveshaft might not give you the boost that you want and need. A custom driveshaft could make a difference.  

With a factory installed driveshaft, the car might seem to hesitate when you press on the gas. It can take it longer to reach the rate of speed that you want. With a custom driveshaft, you will not experience the same drag when you accelerate. The custom model is lighter and can generate and direct the power needed at a quicker rate.  

Another reason to consider a custom driveshaft is that your car will operate a lot smoother. Some cars tend to shake or vibrate when they hit high rates of speed. It is because the factory installed driveshaft is heavier and can make it challenging for your car to hit the speeds without some kickback. By contrast, a custom driveshaft is lighter, which does not have the same drag on the engine, axle, and tires.  

What Is Required for a Custom Driveshaft?

To order a custom built driveshaft for your car, you need to provide the dealer with certain details about your car. For instance, the dealer needs to know the basic data, such as the make and model of your car. You also have to provide information about your engine. The horsepower, torque, and make play a role in how the part is customized.  

To further customize it, the measurements for the driveshaft are necessary. You have to measure the size of the outside  and inside clip and the rear-end and transmission connectors. It is important that you double-check your measurements. If the measurements are incorrect, the driveshaft will not fit.  

If you are unsure of how to obtain the measurements, ask your mechanic to help measure the driveshaft. You can also ask the driveshaft dealer to help determine the correct size part needed for your car.  

Talk to companies like Jons Shafts and Stuff if you are still unsure whether or not a custom driveshaft is right for your car.